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Notice of Public Hearing

Public Hearing Notice

Ambrose Recreation and Park District


PLEASE PUBLISH:  June 25, 2022



RESOLUTION #21/22-02

Before the Board of Directors of the Ambrose
Recreation and Park District (a political subdivision)
of Contra Costa County, State of California,


Intention to Order Improvements and Set
a Public Hearing/
For the Ambrose Parks Assessment

WHEREAS, the Ambrose Parks Assessment
District was created on June 30, 1997 by the
adoption of Resolution #04-06-97; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to the provisions of the
Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972 (Streets
and Highways Code Sections 2250 et. Sec) the
District must follow certain steps in order to
levy an annual assessment;


District does resolve as follows:


Section 1. The District intends to levy and collect
assessments within the Ambrose Parks
Assessment District during the Fiscal Year
2022-2023. The assessment will remain the
same as last fiscal year. The proposed amount
to be assessed is approximately @ $270,000.
Each developed single family and condominium
residential parcel within the district is to
be assessed $36.72. All developed land uses
will be assessed between $36.72 and $110.16
per parcel based on acreage. Undeveloped
properties will be assessed at one-half the
rate of developed properties. The area of land
to be assessed is located within the boundaries
of Ambrose Recreation and Park District in
Contra Costa County.


Section 2. The improvements within said district
include; the installation/planning of landscaping;
the installation of parks and recreational
improvement, the construction of any
facilities which are necessary or convenient
for the maintenance thereof; and the maintenance
of servicing of any of the foregoing.


Section 3. The Engineer's Report has been
filed with the General Manager and is accepted
by the Board of Directors of the Ambrose
Recreation and Park District. All interested
persons are referred to that report for a full
and detailed description of the improvements,
the boundaries of the assessment district and
the proposed assessment upon assessable
lots and parcels of land within the assessment


Section 4. All interested parties may contact
Doug Long, General Manager, at (925) 458-1601
for additional information about the assessment.
Section 5. Property owners may mail a written
protest against the assessment to the Office
of the Clerk of the Board, Ambrose Community
Center, 3105 Willow Pass Road, Bay
Point, CA 94565.


Section 6. On Thursday, July 14, 2022, the
Board will conduct a Public Hearing on the
question of the levy of the proposed assessment.
The hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. via
Zoom pursuant Government Code Section


Section 7. The Clerk of the Board is authorized
and directed to publish this notice of Public
Hearing by publication of this Resolution, as
required by the Lighting and Landscaping Act
of 1972.


Section 8. This Resolution shall become effective
immediately upon its passage and


PASSED AND ADOPTED by the Board of Directors
of Ambrose Recreation and Park District
at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors
held on June 9, 2022 by the following vote:


AYES:                       4
NOES:                      0
ABSENT:                 1

Trina Hudson, Chair


I, THE UNDERSIGNED, hereby certify that the
foregoing Resolution was duly adopted by the
Board of Directors of the Ambrose Recreation
and Park District at a regular meeting held the
9th day of June, 2022.

Doug Long, Clerk of the Board